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We used the most powerful and easiest content slider available, OwlCarousel 2 that takes advantage of the power of your mobile device to render images instantly, content instantly, and allow you to animate your slides with CSS3 You can literally slide anything! We’ve added just a few examples below, but we can tell you there are infinite ways you can combine these sliders to add anything in them.


Image Slider (no transition)
Captions with no Controls and no Transition

[epsilon_slider id=”237″ full_width=”1″ ]


Image Slider (Transition Style 1)
Animate CSS3 Transitions

[epsilon_slider id=”239″ full_width=”1″ ]


Image Slider (Transition Style 2)
Animate CSS3 Transitions

[epsilon_slider id=”241″ full_width=”1″ ]


Image Slider (Transition Style 3)
Animate CSS3 Transitions

[epsilon_slider id=”243″ full_width=”1″ ]


Staff Slider
You can use sliders for content as well!

[epsilon_stslider exclude=”” auto=”true” auto_time=”5000″ loop=”true” hover=”true” nav=”true” trans=”0″ orderby=”ID” order=”asc” ]


Quote Slider
You can literally add any content inside an slider!

[epsilon_qtslider exclude=”” auto=”true” auto_time=”5000″ loop=”true” hover=”true” nav=”true” orderby=”ID” order=”asc” ]

[epsilon_space size=”30″ ][epsilon_hr]

Cover Page Slider
A fullscreen image slider with captions made to look like your native app sliders? Check it out! It’s called a CoverPage Slider

[epsilon_button type=”ro” icon=”fa-arrow-right” text=”Go to Cover Page Slider” link=”” target=”_self” prestyle=”green” size=”” tcolor=”” bgcolor=”” ]